Small and local businesses can benefit from window decals in many ways. From attracting new customers to reminding old ones that you’re still there.

Window decals act as eye-catching billboards, helping potential customers notice your business while walking down the street or driving by your storefront.

This type of advertising also makes it easy to find your business and remember the name once they find it.

If you’re looking to attract more customers to your local business. Window decals are an affordable option that won’t break the bank.

The Benefits of Window Decals for Local Businesses

The following is a list of benefits that window decals can provide for local businesses.

  • Window decals are customizable to any business and are available in almost any size or shape.
  • These Signs are a cost-effective way to advertise your business, with prices starting as low as $3 per square foot.
  • Window decal advertisements have been proven to attract more customers than ads on other mediums like newspaper and TV.
  • Window decal advertising campaigns have the potential to reach millions of people at a time, giving you an incredible return on investment (ROI).
  • Your window decal will be prominently displayed at eye level for all passers-by to see. Meaning that potential customers will notice your advertisement right away!
  • With these benefits, it's easy to see how window decals can benefit your business!

How To Use Window Decals for Business Promotion

Would you like to promote your business, but don't have the money for an advertisement? Window decals are the perfect solution for you!

Here's how to use window decals to promote your business:

  • First, choose a design from Stickery u’s library of window decal templates.
  • Next, upload an image that best represents your company or product. Make sure it is within the size limit and that it fits into the frame on the template.
  • Once you finish uploading your image and placing it on the template. Place your order with Sticker You and wait a few days for us to ship it out!
  • Place the window decals on your windows or doors so they can be seen by customers as they walk by. Your new advertisement will bring in new customers who will keep coming back again and again!
  • Keep up with seasonal decorations to ensure customers notice your signs year-round. This way, you won't need to change them when seasons change.
  • Last but not least, make sure that there are no stickers obstructing visibility behind these graphics. If there are, remove them before applying the stickers (that could be blocking visibility). So, that drivers can see the whole design without any issues!

The Different Types of Window Decals

Window decals are a great way for local businesses to promote themselves and attract more customers.

There are many different types of window decals available, including:

  1. static cling,
  2. magnetic,
  3. vinyl and more.

Static cling window decal is the most popular type of window decal. Because it is easy to install and remove without any adhesive residue left on the glass.

Magnetic window decals are also a popular choice because they are easily removable. But can't be seen from outside the building like static clings can be.

Vinyl window decal gives you the best of both worlds with the ability to advertise from inside or outside your store.

How To Select the Best Window Decals for Your Company

Choosing the right window decal for your business can be a tough decision. You have to consider what kind of message you want to send to your potential customers and whether you want to use color or not.

So, where do you start? Well, first, think about what makes your business different from other businesses in your industry.

What are the qualities that make it stand out from the crowd? Are you a family-owned small business that's been around for generations?

Do you offer free delivery on all orders over $50? Are you located on a main street with tons of foot traffic? Or maybe it's something else entirely!

Whatever it is, this is the starting point for finding the perfect window decals for your business.